Last updated: 14/8/2021

Cookies are small pieces of data that can be stored by your device when you are using a website.

Valiant Escapes does not write any cookies that are not strictly necessary to provide a secure and reliable service. Outlined below are the cookies we need to do that. You can block or remove these cookies, but this will affect your ability to use our website and our games.

When browsing our website

Our cookies

We do not use cookies for reasons such as marketing. We probably should, but we don’t.

Third-party cookies

We use Stripe to enable us to take payments. Stripe writes cookies in order to allow payments to be made securely, and to help track and prevent fraud.

We embed YouTube videos on some of our pages. When we do this, we use YouTube's privacy-enhanced mode, which avoids writing or using cookies. (We can't vouch for what happens if you click-through the video and load the main website.)

When playing one of our games

Our cookies

We use cookies so that your web-browser can remember which instance of the game you are playing. We need to do this in order for you to be able to access the game.

Third-party cookies

We may embed YouTube videos on certain pages within our games. We use the privacy-enhanced mode here, just as we do for the videos on our website.

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