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Sphinx guarding the tomb of King Sarcophagus

The Curse of King Sarcophagus


Archie the Archaeologist has gone missing! He went searching for the Lost Tomb of Pharaoh King Sarcophagus and never came back. Your cat Sooty is missing him terribly and you yourself are beginning to worry. Can you solve the puzzles to rescue Archie before it’s too late?

What’s so special about our online escape room games?

We design our games to capture the best bits of a real escape room. So just like in real life, you’ll have several puzzles to choose from and they all link up. This means you still get to think ‘how am I meant to do this, surely I’d need a hammer’ and come back later when you find one.

What’s more, we’ve made the setup as life-like as possible for teams on multiple devices. You can all ‘touch’ the same puzzle at once, so you can help each other out and/or get in each other’s way. Or, if you prefer, you can work on separate puzzles, and get the authentic experience of hearing your friends in a different ‘corner’ of the room: LOOK LOOK I FOUND A TORCH… OH WAIT IT ISN’T A TORCH… IT BIT ME… etc.

And - most importantly - we got our cat involved.

Derek, the superb cat who stars in all of our online escape rooms

Why we think you’ll like our online escape room games:

  • Just like a real escape room (if you have a good imagination) – work out how different puzzles link together
  • Put items in your virtual pocket and codes in your virtual brain
  • Great for multiple devices – watch your friends solve puzzles in real-time, and help them out or mess things up while shouting at each other on a video call
  • Possibly the most fun you’ve had all week
  • All games feature an excellent cat (see image)

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