What’s the best way of doing an online escape room with friends?

Generally, the best way to do a virtual escape room with friends is to set up a video call. You can have this running at the same time so you can chat through what you’re doing, or tell each other about what you’re seeing if you’re working on different puzzles at the same time.

Can I play this online escape room game on my mobile?

We haven’t tested this game on mobile devices. The Tech department had to prioritise what he did in order to get something finished. It would be a shame to waste your £9.99, so we’d only advise playing this on a laptop or desktop.

How is this online escape room multiplayer friendly?

This works well as a multiplayer online escape room because you can all interact with the puzzles at the same time. So if you’re entering a code or moving something around then it will update for your team-mates in real-time, and they can help out too.

How many players can we have?

We suggest teams of up to six, as this works well for the complexity of the game. However, the game will support up to eleven devices so you can have more people if you want.

How long will it take to play this virtual escape room online?

That’s a very good question. We’d estimate one to two hours, but it depends whether you approach escape rooms as a tightly focused military operation or whether you prefer to savour the experience like a good cheese. Some of our colleagues whizzed through it in 35 minutes, but we think they were being competitive. Another group took an hour and a half.

Do I need to complete the game in one sitting?

No! All progress in your game is saved, so you can return whenever you like to finish playing.

Is this really the best online escape room there is?

You won’t know till you try.

You don’t know much about Ancient Egypt, do you?

No. But in fairness, we know a lot more than we did when we started this game. Wikipedia led us down a rabbit hole and now we’ve started listening to podcasts about the Bronze Age Collapse.

I am an archaeologist and I am very offended about Archie’s lack of respect for historical artefacts.

Oh cripes, sorry. We were hoping you wouldn’t take it seriously. You will note that Archie only had six hours of amateur archaeology training and we assume that this was from a disreputable source. Does that make you feel any better?

This game was amazing, do you make any other online escape room games?

We are making another game right now. In fact, we’re probably beavering away on it at this very minute. We’re hoping to include a few more snazzy features which we’d love to write about here, but we won’t in case someone else runs off with the ideas and does them better. Suffice it to say that Game Two will be great.

Please can I meet your cat?

Derek receives many such requests every day and regretfully has to turn them down. His schedule is chockablock right now what with miaowing and grabbing hold of his own tail. He appreciates your interest and suggests that you ask again next year.

I noticed the cat was called ‘Sooty,’ but he seems to be a tabby.

Yes, that’s correct.

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