The Egyptian pyramids where the virtual escape room is set

The Curse of King Sarcophagus


Once you buy the game, we’ll email you a link and an access code so you can start playing immediately.

Archie the Archaeologist has gone missing! He went searching for the Lost Tomb of Pharaoh King Sarcophagus and never came back. Your cat Sooty is missing him terribly and you yourself are beginning to worry. Can you solve the puzzles to rescue Archie before it’s too late?

The sarcophagus of King Sarcophagus

What you’ll need to play this virtual escape room online:

  • A laptop or desktop computer, not a mobile or tablet (we haven’t tested it on mobiles/tablets so let’s assume it doesn’t work)
  • A reasonable internet connection and a recent version of either Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari
  • Friends (optional, 10 at most) – if you’re on multiple devices it’ll work best if you set up a video call at the same time
  • A healthy spirit of adventure

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