About Us

We came up with this idea in deepest darkest lockdown when there was literally nothing else to do. We missed real escape rooms, and consoled ourselves with playing online escape games until we had the bright idea that it would be even more fun to make our own.

We liked multiplayer games, so we made sure that different people could interact with the puzzles together – but we also thought it would be great to make the game a bit of a story. So we got carried away writing our cat into the narrative.

It’s been amazing to produce the game and we’re already having tons of ideas about our next one. Some of these may be overambitious but frankly we think it’s going to be ace. We don’t have anything so organised as a newsletter, but if you enter your email address below, we'll let you know when it’s out.

Happy Derek headDerek says 'thank you'Happy Derek head
Suit of armour who has just escaped out of a window

Meet The Team

The Tech Department of Valiant Escapes


The Tech Department is in his early thirties. He enjoys coding in his spare time and will quite often say “Ah” over his dinner when his brain has solved a niggling problem. When he is not thinking about numbers he likes taking photos of birds. His favourite birds are almost exclusively penguins.

The two people who create our online escape game puzzles


The two culprits responsible for the puzzles and story are identical twins. They call themselves Concepting A and B although they’ve long since forgotten which should be which. They both write as a hobby, but neither of them has ever got round to publishing anything so they can’t use this opportunity to advertise it.

The fantastic cat who oversees all marketing for Valiant Escapes

Marketing Executive

Derek initially applied for the post of Mascot, but was promoted to Marketing Executive when it became clear that nobody else was going to take on that role. He is learning on the job and will hopefully soon know how to ‘Tweet’, but he does struggle to get his paws around a plastic mouse, so if you could help him out by sharing our website with your friends and family that would be great.

Happy Derek headDerek says 'thank you'Happy Derek head

Our Chosen Charity

We’d like to do something worthwhile with the fruits of our collective labours, so we’re going to donate 10% of our profits to charity.

It turns out that putting a charity's name or logo on our website would incur some sort of work for someone, either us at Valiant Escapes, or at our chosen charity, or both, we can't quite tell.

So for now, let's say that we'll donate towards "borderless doctors".


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